Auto Pinstriping

Auto Pinstriping by Bill

Auto pinstriping is a speciality service I have been offering since 1986.  I do modern and old-school designs, all hand painted.

3 Tone Pinstriping

auto pinstriping

This design has a subtle, three dimensional appearance.  The white design forms an interlocking pattern with the light red-brown design.  Both colors stand on the natural red-brown of the vehicle producing a three-dimensional effect.

2 Tone Pinstriping

auto pinstriping

Here we have a symmetrical pattern, red paint on a yellow vehicle.  Because both of these colors contrast each other strongly, the design is highly visible.

More Tri-tonic

auto pinstriping

This has that age old, patriotic vibe to it.  Here we are able to conveniently add a stylistic touch of patriotism needing only to recreate colors found in the Chevy emblem.  While the vibe is unmistakeable, we shouldn’t fail to see the added layer of abstraction to be discovered here.  This abstraction is found in the “old school” pinstriping style.

A Seated Flame

Here we have an abstract flame ornamenting the Merecedes-Benz emblem.  The sharp design communicates the pep and dexterity of the vehicle.  The dark red sits strongly atop the natural white of the vehicle providing an intense appearance, hidden just below the surface.


This dart shoots right down the hood of the vehicle, creating its striking appearance.  The design creates sprite in this vehicle, even while it is in full-stop.  We use only black here but are still able to detect the design’s depth.

Single Tone Dimensionality

Here we have a symmetrical, 3d design that almost seems to be hovering in space.  We also detect a certain flow to this design, transforming the hard, ultra-logical, solitary black into an image with a hidden positivity.

Auto Pinstriping by Bill

For those in the tri-state area, I pinstripe out of my house in Farmingdale, NJ.  You are able to drop off your vehicle and/or your components for pickup at a later date.

If you are out of town, contact me about my you-mail-me, I-mail-you-back pinstriping service.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

-Bill, 908.415.6574

4 thoughts on “Auto Pinstriping

  1. I have a 51 Ford with what looks like your stuff but I’m in VA. ,,It’s signed bills. I have a pic ,want to add to it

    1. Mark, I don’t sign my work that way. I sign my work with a little tiny dove. I think you have the wrong guy. but I thank you anyway.

  2. im interested in having my car stripped. Its an 83 cadillac coupe. Very simple job consisting of one straight metallic gold stripe down each side and one across the trunk. Im in Farmingdale also. Is it possible to get a price? Thank you

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