Custom Car Pinstriping

Custom Car Pinstriping by Bill

I am a pinstriper with over 30 years of experience.  I make hand painted designs and/or stripes on cars to provide them with additional creative expressibility.

A Signature of Geometry

Custom Car Pinstriping

This is a side-stripe header for a design I did many years ago.  Here we chose two lighter shades of pastel-toned paint to sit on the hard black of the vehicle.  The design attempts to work with the contour of the car body, manifesting as the vehicle’s signature.

Moving Forward


This design is seen in side-view and has a space-bending, deterministic flavor to it.  Here we can see a targeted ambition flowing in a calm yet energetic aura.

Accentuating Points

Custom Car Pinstriping

Here we are highlighting the lines leading to termination at the point of this hood with a deep red.  It gives the vehicle curb appeal via “artistic aerodynamics.”

TransitionsCustom Car Pinstriping

Here we create style out our car’s “natural” geometry.  As an expression, this side stripe header makes a signature at the termination, leaving a unique footprint.

Custom Car Pinstriping

I can make a customized design on your car at my home in Farmingdale, NJ.  I ask that, if you are interested, to please allow for leaving your vehicle and/or components at my house for later pickup.  I also can stripe parts in a “you-mail-me,” “I mail-you-back” setup.  Thank you for your patience – no work rushed is as good as when given time to attention.

Thank you!

Bill, 908.415.6574

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