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Hello and Welcome to my NJ Pinstriping Site!

My name is Bill and I have been a pinstriper for thirty-two years. I started pinstriping part time while I was working as a New York City fireman. After retiring from the department, I went full time into pinstriping. The pinstriping business in New York was fruitful and I built up quite a clientele. In the early nineties my family and I moved to Arizona; there I established the pinstriping business and did quite well. After four years in Arizona we decided to move back east to New Jersey, mainly because we missed being close to family. In 1999 we bought a home in central New Jersey and have been there since.

Pinstriping along the Jersey Shore

I pinstripe for a handful of local New Jersey car dealers and about seventy some odd auto body shops. I also do private work on cars, motorcycles, guitars and what ever will stand still long enough to allow me to stripe it. I use an old school style of pinstriping when I stripe motorcycles, but I can also duplicate any other style that you might desire. Small lettering jobs, cartoon characters, American flags, etc are also part of my repertoire. I use One Shot Lettering Enamels for all my work and after thirty-two years of pinstriping experience I find this brand of paint to be the best. So if you’re interested in personalizing and or customizing your car, bike or whatever with a beautiful hand painted pinstripe, give me a call. If the weather allows I will come right to your house and do the job at your convenience. References are available from local NJ Mercedes, BMW, and Cadillac dealers as well as from satisfied Harley Davidson owners.

Out of Town?

Mail your parts to me!  If you are out of the tri-state area or are unable to get to me, I can stripe your components on a mail-away basis.  Please provide ample time for turnaround – faster or slower turnover is based on my workload.  Thank you for your patience!

-Bill | 908.415.6574 | billegert@optonline.net